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Easy by Tammara Webber


Before I begin my review on Tammara Webber's Easy, I want to let the world know that this has been the ONLY romance novel (Young Adult or other wise) that I have read that did not mention the words "i love you" to/from the main romantic characters. I found myself waiting for it, but not disappointed it never happened. Obviously, since it is a romance novel you know the characters find love or whatever HOWEVER some might feel like you need those 3 little words to consummate and make real the feelings. It makes this book very unique.

I really enjoyed this random find.

The story starts off with a BANG. In a way this is NOT your stereotypical love story and in many ways it is. Lately, most books represent 2 characters who are "damaged goods". That have been damaged by ex's or by their parents or by some weird fucked up way not no one (fictional or non-fictional) should ever go through. This is no different.

The main character and the narra…