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The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead (Bloodlines #4)


Let me start out by stating the obvious... I am a huge Vampire Academy fan. Richelle Mead is a genius. And she loves some serious forbidden love nonsense. She did it with Dimitri and Rose.Now she's doing it withAdrian and Sydney! And I'm going to be totally honest... I like Adrian and Sydney a lo t better thank Rose and Dimitri's love. My heart broke a million times over for Adrian when Rose dumped him. Yes, Adrian isn't a saint but he had seriois potential of being an amazing boyfriend. And you see that in Fiery Hearts. You see his struggle to want to be useful and be helpful, to contribute... he's changed so much from the superficial cute pompous ass that we met way back in Vampire Academy book 1 I believe.  He has become this creative, thoughtful person who has finally started thinking of others instead of himself. 
One of my beefs is that book 4 in Vampire Academy is when the shit really started hitting the fan. It was when Rose and Dimitri did…

The Walking Dead Comics #1 - 116


Can I just say OH MY FUCKING GOD! This series is intense! And not just CAUTION DO NOT READ IF YOU  HEART PROBLEMS intense but an OMG they just did NOT do that and I am about to RIOT intense! 
Let me just say I didn't really watch the beginning of the first season of the TV show. I know the basis... Rick in coma, wakes up to no one, finds dead do not enter, leaves hospital, goes to Atlanta, finds a horse, rides until he finds his family. Best friend fucks wife, who think he's dead/gone/coma and then all hell breaks lose. Blah blah blah. And that same exact thing happens in the comics. Same thing. And then that's when the SHIT hits the fan!
I'm not going to get into too much detail here about the comics because DAMN thats like 116 comics I have to review. But I'm just going to go into my biggests beefs..
1. My biggest beef in the series is the unnecessary death of Glen. WTF KIRKMAN? I wanted to so badly smash your head in with that bad it was so…