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Friends Without Benefits (Knitting in the city #2) by Penny Reid

Before I start, let me just state this is the 2nd book of the Knitting in the City Series. I had no idea. So later I will be reading the first book and will be blogging about that one. 
What an amazing book. Different. Funny. Smart. ROMANTIC. Real good stuff. I enjoyed reading it.
So we have Nico, the celebrity has who has had the same love his entire life. Nico is loveable and funny. And God... sooooooo swoon worthy! Then we have Elizabeth. Essentially the stereotypical role of male was actually Elizabeth. She was a maninizor. Sleeping with men and dumping them when she got board. And then we have Nico *swoon* the hopeless romantic who has loved the same girl since he was potty trained basically. 
This story was very heartbreaking in so many ways. Boy has always loved girl. Boy makes fun and teases girl because he doesn't know how to show her he likes her. Girl is sad and confused on why boy makes fun of her and is uber teased by him. Girl meets other boy. Old …

The Walking Dead Comic #117

Can I just say WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCKING SHIT IS THIS FUCKING SHIT? Negan joke? No? He's too much of an asshole to joke about? I try to hate him and I do... hate him but he curses and I just can't help but laugh. I'm a sucker for a good string of curses. Especially when they go on for a while and are creative. 
OK... enough of the curse god. Holly is a bad ass in this issues. BAD FUCKING ASS! Sacrificial lamb and all. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Michonne and Ezekiel relationship. I am happy Michonne gets a normal guy... well as normal as one gets during the fucking apocalypse. And his tiger- Shiva was it? Eating the zombies still undead? Wow!
I still want to kick Robert Kirkman in the balls. Glenn? REALLY? I don't think I'm ever going to let that GO! Whatever... moving on.
That last few pages with the attempt rape scene was intense. I was really hoping this wasn't another Michonne and the Governor thing. I was really hoping Kirkman didn't de…