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Only for You by E.L. Todd (book 1)


E.L Todd did it again! This is the second book I've read from Ms. Todd and I loved it (in a matter of a week). I thought it to be riveting and exciting... up until the last 5 pages I wasn't really sure where it was headed.
Ms. Todd created another bunch of lovable characters that you just to be best friends with. She's done it to me twice now... I have forgotten that they are NOT REAL people and that I am not part of their fictional world! :( Which makes me sad and I cry a little bit.  :*(
With that being said... After I had my freak out of realizing these people I've fallen in love with over the weekend aren't in fact real... I realized I read another amazing story that I cannot wait to read the 2nd book. 
Enough about how amazing this book is lets dive into the story. The story opens with Scarlet (our heroin) having a revealing lunch with Penelope (hero's would have been …

Connected by the Sea by El Todd


I'm sorry, I need a minute. I need to lower the AC because I am boiling... this book is HOT HOT SMOLDERINGLY HOT! WOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Caution: if you are pregnant, person wearing cervical collars or neck braces, or have neck or back problems shall not read this book.  
Amazing Amazing Amazing book! If I could I would give it more stars on What great character developments. I cried, I got raging pissed, I was excited, I laughed! Which in all 400+ books I have read I may have only laughed out loud maybe 5 times... that's saying something! :)
Characters are LOVABLE. Even more HATEABLE. And then you have the occational few that you hate to love or love to hate or HATE TO BLOODY THEIR FACES HATE! This was a serious rollarcoaster book, however, it didn't leave me emotionally drained. I can function after it which is nice!
Our heroin is Sydney and our smoldering hot hero is Coen. What amazing chemistry these two have! From their first m…