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The Walking Dead #122 by Robert Kirkman


Holy Shit Fuck BATMAN!
First Off- Jesus is Gay. Which makes me smile! :)
Next- Everyone is at the Hilltop. Now they plan but of course FUCKING NEGAN is an asshole who found another type zombie warfare to attack these poor people. He's zombiefying weapons and sit. BAD BAD BAD MAN!
I am loving the Rick and Andrea factor of the comics. Like I've said before- the silver lining to this very dark turn. 
IT SEEMS like Dwight gets some help with the plan against Negan. Another little greyer silver lining. That's exciting. 
I'm predicting a little more death than usual in the next issue. Especially this issue ends Negan plans to attack come sundown. Which blows because you know Ke$ha said it best "Shits about to go down".
Until next time.
Happy Reading, Mel

The Walking Dead Comic #121 by Robert Kirkman


Side Note: You all don't know how fucking happy I am about these comics being in black and while because with all the blood these characters shed would actually fill all of our oceans about 3 times. Its insanity.
Negan and Lucille- I am so very fucking disturbed about this guy. I don't speed read his stuff because it such a short 24 page comic and I'd miss a few minutes but he's such a fuckhead.
Speaking of Son of a Dick (line from Abraham in The Walking Dead- He's second episode appearance)- Poor Eugene! He's tortured and still doesn't say much. How loyal. And to think I almost killed you myself over the battery thing and the radio. 
Denise officially dies in this episode and one of the few funeral/burial scenes. 
In this episode the gang heads out of Alexandria.
The most epic part of this issue is when Andrea and Rick are packing up to head out of Alexandria. Andrea asks Rick is he needs anything else. He walks into the closet…

The Walking Dead Comic #120 by Robert Kirkman


I don't know how many times I have to say this BUT...



I am so over him. I am so over his psychoticness. I can't. Its such a shame I am so invested in this series that I can't really give it up like a bad habit but if I could... I would because DAMN this is fucking ridiculous already. 
Also poor Holly (RIP). And who the fuck didn't know she wasn't a Zombie. She didn't talk for crying out loud and she was walking weird AND she had a bag over her dead. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
Oye Kirkman- you kill Holly and Denise in the same issue? WTF? This is seriously like bad. NOT worse than Glenn but DANG HOMIE why  you gotta do that fo'. And poor Doc Denise had to save her boyfriend Heath. 
This is getting CRAZY!
Happy Reading, Mel

The Walking Dead #119 by Robert Kirkman


WOW- I would to first point out that not always are characters what they seem, obviously! BUT Ezekiel is a fucking PUSSY PANSY. He was all tough and smiles and wanting to get in Michone's pants. BUT NOW. I don't even think he deserves to get into her pants. Her pants actually need to be empty for a while. :-/ We get it. You're best friend tiger lady friend is dead. OK. People die in the Zombie Apocalypse. It FUCKING happens! He really needs to get the fuck over it. I LOVE MICHONE- ESPECIALLY in this episode. :) That's right, you need to know when to slap a bitch (being Ez) when they are being STUPID! Stupid fucker. Lost almost total respect for him in this episode.
Carl. I didn't mention him in the last review because I really can't stand the little punk anymore. Well for a while now. Yes he's been through a lot. Yes he's seen a lot. Yes he's killed a lot. BUT he's still a little punk with a punk ass dad. Sorry- i…

The Walking Dean Comics #118 by Robert Kirkman


HEARTBREAKING NEW FLASH- They just had to fuck with the only gay couple in this series and had to kill one of them off. One of the normal people. Non-killers. Non-psychos. Just some normal motherfuckers who you generally liked. PFFT. Fuck you KIRKMAN! That was not nice! :(
YAY Maggie's BACK! And of course, with Maggie being back you can expect some serious DRAMA. But for a minute can we just go back- I want to state just not too long ago Maggie was trying to hang herself and then BOOM she's the leader of the Hilltop people? REALLY? I just felt that was a little NONBELIEVABLE. It might just be me.
So we are still dealing with Negan... and again I want to point off- CAN WE KILL HIM ALREADY? PLEASE! He needs to die this guy is insane. FUNNY but insane!
RIP Shiva. You will be missed. It a nice change seeing an animal alive and ok. Alas, she had her time.

Recap: Negan needs to die. His plot twist needs to end. We need a little bit of happiness and th…

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


I have FINALLY finished The Rosie Project! Let's just start off if you like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory you are going to LOVE The Rosie Project!

If you aren't hooked by that then I don't know what else is going get you hooked on this book. 
The God's Honest Truth: This book fucking DRAGS! Which is why it took me about a month to finish it and I had to read a few book inbetween! I honestly thought it would never end. But alas, I could not give up on Sheldon Coop- I mean, Donald Tilman. Eh.

I am so sorry for the all the Big Bang Theory pics but when I was reading this book- picturing Sheldon Cooper was the only thing getting me through to the next page AND sometimes it wasn't enough. The theory behind this book is wonderful. Social awkward guy meetings stunningly beautiful girl. And you know- its just awkward trainwreckage to follow and you know where this is going to end and it just doesn't FUCKING end! lol
Its a good boo…

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

**Contains Spoilers**

So I finished Allegiant yesterday... FINALLY! And I felt so weird about it I couldnt have written anything yesterday.
First, I would like to mention the book opening with a line from the Erudites stating something like all things that start need to finish and all questions that need answers nees to be answered. When I read that I got super excited. I waa like this book is going to rock!
And then I started it... and I almost didn't finish it. It drained boys and girls. Drags like a dead body. I'll come back to dead bodies in a bit. It dragged so bad I had to call my friend who read the book already to ask if it was worth reading. And of course the cunt said yes... so I kept on keeping on.
I felt this book was boring as fuck. And characters seemed very uncharacteristic. Especially toward end. To which I have to specifically have to talk to Veronica Roth for this one.
Dear Ms. Veronica Roth,
   I have been a fan of this series since the first few pa…