The Walking Dean Comics #118 by Robert Kirkman


HEARTBREAKING NEW FLASH- They just had to fuck with the only gay couple in this series and had to kill one of them off. One of the normal people. Non-killers. Non-psychos. Just some normal motherfuckers who you generally liked. PFFT. Fuck you KIRKMAN! That was not nice! :(

YAY Maggie's BACK! And of course, with Maggie being back you can expect some serious DRAMA. But for a minute can we just go back- I want to state just not too long ago Maggie was trying to hang herself and then BOOM she's the leader of the Hilltop people? REALLY? I just felt that was a little NONBELIEVABLE. It might just be me.

So we are still dealing with Negan... and again I want to point off- CAN WE KILL HIM ALREADY? PLEASE! He needs to die this guy is insane. FUNNY but insane!

RIP Shiva. You will be missed. It a nice change seeing an animal alive and ok. Alas, she had her time.

Recap: Negan needs to die. His plot twist needs to end. We need a little bit of happiness and then we can move the fuck on. lol

Until next episode and comic...

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