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Love, Lex (Undergrad Years #1) by Avery Aster


Hi Happy Readers- I received this book as an ARC from the author this morning. 
I was so stoked to read it, I literally read it in a few hours. 
Holy Fuckity Shit Fuck, Batman! *FANS SELF* That was hot as hell! Please note that blames just might randomly start in your pants by reading this book. Literally CALIENTE!

Before we get to the hotness- let me just comment on the Spice Girls and the Dawson's Creek omega reference that just made me swoon all over the fucking place. That was amazing balls! And made my mother fucking week. Avery Aster- you just made me a life long fan yo!  

OK- Enough! Excuse me as I leash my inner 7th grader and calm her the fuck down!
She's calmed the fuck down but unfortunately, I, Melissa Ann, 29 year old woman am not so calmed in the nether regions. This book is insanely HOT HOT HOTTTTTTT! Like hose me down in the backyard because the fire alarm just went off in my pants. 
The story is pretty uniquely fucked up. We have o…