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Lexi Blake's Cherished: A Master's and Mercenaries Novella review by Mel

I just finished Lexi Blake's Cherished: A Master's and Mercenaries Novella and I'm still swooning. I am such a sucker for an awesome book and Ms. Blake didn't disappoint... again! And boy do I love her for it.

In this book we find ourselves with new characters (or at least I don't remember them being around before). Our mains are Dr. Will Daley, surgeon/badass Dom and Bridget Slaten, writer by day/bratty sub (I was going to say by night but it's really by whenever the mood strikes, really).
Again, Lexi writes some amazingly likeable characters that you just help but love. Of course, the main characters of all these books are Sanctum patrons, the club that connects all these fictional people. They usually work together, play together and hangout together because of their common thread of sharing a lifestyle at Sanctum.
And Bridget and Will aren't left behind. We find these characters curious about one another from afar. Some serious chemistry, one bratty su…

Author Spot Light: Lexi Blake

As of late, I have been in a dry spell with reading. It’s  rare when books can catch and keep my attention. It’s sad to say but I don’t even want to read so I don’t stumble upon something awful. 
On my attempt to find something worth reading I find a free Amazon Kindle book from Lexi Blake called “The Dome Who Loved Me (Masters and Mercenaries Book 1)”.  With a title like that, it was extremely difficult NOT to download. So I didn’t fight it and I pushed purchase. 
The issue with a free first book in a series is that the first book is to entice you want to buy the rest of the series. And Ms. Blake didn’t miss that mark either. I don’t think there has been a first book in a series that has made me fall so fast for ALL the rest of the characters in the story, not just the mains. And be super ready to read all of their books just to see what happens next with this gang of underlined military misfits and the women who love them. 
I read Sean and Grace’s story in about 2 days. Maybe a little…