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Doctor Who, Season 10 Episode 2 Smiles Review

Can I just say how refreshing Pearl Mackie is for Doctor Who. She asks all these questions that I haven't even thought of yet. It's pretty cool. She asks how much the TARDIS costs? And did you know The Doctor stole it? I didn't. That was neat. 
On this week's episode the Doctor takes Bill to the futuristic Earth. Where there aren't any humans, just robot vardy flocks that detect moods. The vardy are this swarm of robots that fly around this futurist Earth. The interface robot (looking like what robots normally look like) express themselves with emojis. Which I think is funny so far in the future we still express ourselves with thumb up emojis. The Doctor figures out that this particular future isn't what it seams. It's more :'( than :). 
Turns out there is this large yellow coin shape that is installed on your back that shows you mood. If you aren't happy, the vardy are trained to irradiate anyone not happy. 
As The…

13 Reasons Why Season 1 Review

TBH, I started watching this show because I saw someone post on my Facebook newsfeed that they wanted to know what all the fuss was about on this show 13 Reasons Why. And I respect the fuck out of this person for their entertainment tastes. So I figured (without her knowing this) that if she would give it shot that I would too. Mad respect for my 4'10", converse wearing and very sarcastic friend from the Bronx. 
I log onto Netflix and figure I'm going to have to hunt for this bad boy. But alas, nope, it was actually the first show that pops up and is all over my suggested category. Go Netflix. I get comfortable and push play. I watched 2 and half episodes that one night, 2 the next night and i watched the rest of the show on Saturday. I couldn't stop watching. And when I wasn't watching I was thinking about this show. I became obsessed. Now I was Season 2 to come out (if it's coming out).

Right off the bat, we are introduced to Hannah Baker via cassette tape a…

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 1 "The Pilot" Review

I am so happy that Doctor Who is back with brand new episodes and a fresh new companion. Naturally, I binge watched Season 9 all weekend preparing for the new season premiere. And of course, Moffat and them did not disappoint.  Right off the bat, we are introduced to Bill Potts (played by Pearl Mackie). She's sauce-y, spicy, adorable, inquisitive, quite intelligent and oh so gay. Doctor Who hasn't really delved into the LGBTQ+ characters in a while. Every since Captain Jack? Does that sound right?! Anyway, I digress, the episode is quite action packed, has a lot of our old friends, a lot of Tardis action, plenty of cleverness, humor and it just felt a little different... good different. It sort of felt like Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 1 with Doctor 9 and Rose- esque. That was neat.  I definitely think if you haven't delved into the Doctor Who universe, I recommend it as much as I would recommend Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv show, not movie). It's fun, it's hip, it&…