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Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7 Live "Pyramid" Episode Recap

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7 Live "Pyramid" Episode Recap Spoiler filled post as I live recap as I watched Doctor Who Season 10, Episode 6's "Pyramid". 
9:00 pm - Doctor Who starts.

9:05 pm - Intro sequence. 
I am intrigued already, I love the pyramid and Egyptian legends, tales and hieroglyphics.

9:12 pm - First Commercial Break

Bill is on a date with Penny again when they are sitting at Bill's kitchen when some UN gentlemen with guns barge in and they tell Bill that The Doctor is now the President of the Earth. If you watched last episode, you will remember that the Pope barged into their last date as well. Ruined that one. And seems like this is a theme. Poor Bill and her cock blocking Doctor.

They UN group brings Bill to fetch the Doctor. They fly the Tardis (that houses the Doctor) on a plane with Bill and Nardole to the pyramid that erected overnight. he blind Doctor walks right up to the 5,000 year old building. A piece of the building moves and w…

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 6 Extremis Recap & Review

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 6 Extremis Recap & Review Hello my fellow Whovians and welcome back to another Doctor Who episode review and recap. And here we go... (After first commercial break)

Jesus. This episode is bringing back very bad catholic school memories. So the Pope seeks out the Doctor for his help to read a document call Veritas. And those who have read this document have killed themselves (except one who has gone missing). Crickey. Naturally, the Pope goes to the Doctor and the Doctor goes to his companion of the moment, the lovely Bill Potts who was on a date. That cock blocking Doctor.

We finally get a glimpse as who or what the Doctor and Nardole are guarding or protecting or not letting escape... Missy?!?

(Back from another commercial break)

Wow. Doctor Who has officially become dark again. And I'm not talking about the lack of light in this episode, I'm talking about the serious tone of the story line makes me want to tilt my head and ask Why So Serious?…

Lauren Blakey's Joy Ride Review

Lauren Blakey's Joy Ride Review CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD I absolutely adore Lauren Blakey. Her writing. Her ability to tell a story. Her character development. Her plot-fucking-twists. I love all those things and more. The way she can write two fictionally characters getting it on that makes you feel like you are right fucking there. Amazing. Not everyone has that talent. Lauren Blakey, don't quit your day job and keep on popping those books out. I cannot get enough of you!

About 99.5% of the book is in Max's POV. Which, naturally, I love when the dude's feelings and experiences are shared. It's nice to know when and if guys are feeling some pancaking flipping feeling in their stomach.

Right off the bat we are introduce to the mind of Max, our lovely, hunky, manly, heart of gold mechanic who who has a thing for his apprentice. His apprentice who happens this grease monkey saucy bombshell with sugar and spice and everything nice, Henly aka Tiger.

They have a history…

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 5 Oxygen Review

Doctor Who was extremely relevant to today and really early on in the episode. Maybe it’s always been but I haven’t noticed as I’ve never watched Doctor Who live, I’ve always ever binged watched it before now.
We find ourselves with a blue creature who tells Bill “Oh great, she’s racist” when she gawks at him because she’s never seen a blue person. So 2017!
(Commercial break)

HOLD THE FUCK UP… No, it can’t… They wouldn’t… Would they? Fuck, they better not have… IF they did I might just riot. WTF?!?

SIDE NOTE: This is a good time to mention that I blog live as I watch the show (in between commercial breaks). I don’t pee or get a snack, I write about what I’m seeing, how I’m feeling and what’s going on.

But now, I feel like screaming because I hope they didn’t do what I think they just did.

(Show is back from commercial)
Ok so they didn’t do what I thought they did but it just got way worse. When the Doctor asks if his companion trusts him, you know what’s about to…

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 4 Knock Knock review

CATION: SPOILERS AHEAD And we're back with another Doctor Who episode review. Can I say that I love that the episode is in real time and that it's about something people struggle with IRL. 
We find Bill struggling the find a house on her budget as a college student. She has to get a place with 5 roommates/flatmates. As they search for a house an old man finds them (rather convenient if you ask me) and offers them a house with huge rooms for them at a price they can't turn down. Right off the onset the house just doesn't seem quite right. 
One of the things I love about Doctor Who is that they take the ordinary, normal and something that we accept as part of our every day and they turn it into something for us to question, to fear or to wonder about. It's no longer something normal or the standard. It's a house that creeks. Especially the first couple of nights you jump at every noise the new house makes as it settles in.
But alas, this is Doctor Who, an old creek…