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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode "The Eaters of Light" Episode Recap/Review

Doctor Who Season 11 Episode "The Eaters of Light" Episode Recap/Review Please Note: Spoilers Ahead Theme Intro Started...

This is an extremely creepy intro with two children and a crow that says Doc...tor. WTF?

First Commercial BreakAction packed in just the first 10 minutes. The Doctor, Bill and a comfy in PJs Nardole head to the end of the Roman civilization. I think they are going to see what really eradicated the Romans. For some reason Bill seams to think she knows more about Roman history than the Doctor, who had lived it, obs. Bill sets out to bring back a soldier and the Doctor and Nardole head out the other way. Bill finds a soldier, a monster and some more soldiers, oh my!

Commercial Break Uhhmmm pool of dragons? Is that what those things were?! This is getting really close to shark territory for me.

Btw, I really loved the Big Bad Wold reference. Get it! ;)

Commercial Break This episode should be called "The One with all the Great Speeches." First swir…

Today I purchased Harry Styles Concert Tickets

Today, I purchased Harry Styles Concert Tickets for a show that is 1 year away. Yes, I am 32 year old female who likes the jams of the lima bean looking pop rocker. Yes, the concert is 1 year away. Lots can happen in 1 year. But I'm so excited. This is my first concert since 2008. By the time the concert comes around it would have been 10 years since I saw No Doubt live on stage. And what an amazing show that was. Hopping. Singing. Rocking out with my non-cock out. 6 rows away from a sweaty Gwen Stefani. It was magical. It is a high that is incomparable.

And now, I get to see Mr. Styles in the flesh. Just him and his band (not the boy band). I'm excited and scared. Like am I going to be the only 30 something in the crowd? Am I going to judged by the youngins or their parents? Am I going to get weird looks by everyone because who is this old lady here to see a young pup?

I say fuck it. I like his music. He's a-fucking-dorable. And I've wanted to see One Direction for ag…

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode "Empress of Mars" Episode Recap/Review

Hi and welcome back to a recap of a an episode of Doctor Who as I watch it live. Let's get into it shall we? Mostly because I've already pressed played. Sorry, I didn't wait for you to be ready I was excited.

Commercial Break #1
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole are off on another adventure. This time they are headed to Mars where they find oxygen, a snarly scaley armored big not of earth kind and humans that look like the Jumanji character that hunts rhinos and other endangered animals. Turns out the Jumanji fuckers are using the not of the earth fellow as a slave. It was announced he's the last of his people but the Doctor isn't so sure.

Commercial Break 
And of course, the Doctor was right on. Seems like Friday, the not of the earth guy is not the only one of his race alive. Turns our he was playing the Jumanji guys slaves so they could find his Queen.   And they do find his Queen. Turns out his Queen is more like the Red Queen f…

Headspace Review

Headspace is the App that you didn't know you needed for your sanity, for a better mental health and stability.  Surely you've heard of meditation before. Have you tried it? I had before I started using this app. I struggled while meditating. I couldn't clear my mind. And if I did, it was difficult to stay clear. I would get a wayward thought pop in not 30 seconds into a session. It was annoying. So much so I gave up on the idea. Until I saw Hannah Hart ( recommend the app tin a video and I tried the app because I think she's amazing and I needed something to help me. It takes a little getting used to. I'm not going to lie to you. If you've got lots of thoughts rattling around or you are easily distracted this might be a little tough for you but not impossible. You've got to believe you'll do it and you will. It's that easy.  And these mediation sessions, that last 10, 15 or 20 minutes (your choice) are guided so if you are distrac…

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 8 Live "Lie of the Land" Episode Recap

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 8 Live "Lie of the Land" Episode Recap
Hi and welcome or welcome back to my recap/review as I watch the latest Doctor Who epsisode. Let's get right into it. Please note this is filled with spoilers. 

Intro sequence. O weeeeee ooooo weeeeeeoooooo
So the Monks have taken over, it seems. And everyone on earth remembers them always being there. Brainwashing. World domination. Yikes!

Back from the first commercial break
Damn! They are living an almost Hunger Games District 13 existence. Dull. No bright colors and the monks aka government controls them. Nardole is back. He finds Bill, while she was talking to her dead mom. Another story. Poor Bill. She's lonely.

The Monks have controlled the world for 6 months. But everyone thinks otherwise. Everyone thinks the Monks have been there since the beginning of time. So Nardole comes back with a plan. Which they start to execute. They hop on a boat to head into some kind of ocean based really big ship…