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Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12 "The Doctor Falls" Review

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12 "The Doctor Falls" Review CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD 
Cute little town with pre-cyber men scare crows all round the land. This cannot be good! And they walk every so often towards the houses. They get lose and just wonder towards the people. I'd be in a constant state of diarrhea if I lived there. That's neither here nor there though.

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I do love how they pull out all the stops for season finales and Christmas episodes. This makes me happy. All this fire, explosions, rockets, Cyber Men and just plane awesomeness rolled into 60 minutes.

Bill is such a powerful force that even being a Cyber Man won't stop her humanity! She fights her new natural instinct to save the Doctor. Which is lovely. But its freaking me out that she keeps carrying the Doctor in the first couple beginning scenes.

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Damn, Bill, damn! She's a Cyber Man but her brain refuses to accept that. She doesn't know why the town is scared of …

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 11 "World Enough and Time" Review

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 11 "World Enough and Time" Review  CAUTION: Spoilers Aheads Doctor Who Intro
ALERT ALERT! The Doctor is re-generation? Already? 60 seconds into the episodes?

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I'm sorry what What WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? Bill... shot... in the chest? No no no. No fucking way! Why would they do that. So many options and they shoot her?! We didn't see her drop or close her eyes or anything crazy like that. It might be a dream. OR it might be a vision. Possibly something else, anything else?!?

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Wooooooooooow! But BUT BUT WHAT THE FUCK? Bill was taken by these sick fucks. Not like sickos/child molesters but these people who are bandaged and are attached to IVs. This is tres creepy. I know I say this all the time. And it is all creepy (over used or not it is still a word that very much applies in this situation).

 (paused) We have a close up on Bill's face. I just want to make a side note that Pearl's eyebrows are amazing!! …